From the Dean

Macaulay Honors College is now embarking on its second decade. I was recently reminded that Cambridge University recently celebrated its 800th anniversary. These facts induce--shall we say--a useful sense of humility.

On the other hand, it's probably true that a college in its early years, like a child in its infancy, changes and develops more rapidly than it will at any other point in its lifetime. Moreover, things move a lot faster in the 21st century than they did at any time in history.

The standard descriptions of Macaulay only hint at the spirit of our school: the interesting conversations that develop when you speak with Macaulay students, brimming as they are with intelligence and ambition; the way Macaulay functions as an extraordinarily effective catalyst for academic achievement and high standards throughout the CUNY system; or the absorbing challenges that Macaulay faculty and administrators face in trying to serve the needs of New York City public education and compete with the best private and public honors colleges in the nation.

We've come a long way in our first decade. And for this progress, we owe a heartfelt thanks to friends and supporters who found common cause in the Macaulay mission. With their continued support, and the support of an increasing circle of new friends, we can continue to attract the brightest and the most academically gifted and promising students and give them an unparalleled opportunity to realize that promise‚ÄĒexpanding their potential beyond what they ever imagined

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