This page contains information you will need to submit a successful Opportunities Fund Application. Incomplete and late applications will not be reviewed. Please carefully review each section below to ensure proper submission of your application. You may also print an overview of the application process by clicking on the button below.

Access Periods

Applications for the Opportunities Fund will be accepted only during two access periods, fall and spring.

Students will still be able to apply for funding for summer items and programs from the Opportunities Fund. For summer expenses, students must either apply for an advance during the spring access period or for a reimbursement during the fall access period, depending on which is appropriate for the type of request. Check with your Macaulay Advisor for exact access period dates.

Grant Types

  1. Advances:  In some cases, it is appropriate to request a grant before a funded activity takes place.  This type of application is called an “advance.”  If you apply for an advance, you must supply both a detailed budget and quotes or other material documenting the cost of your proposed activities.
  2. Reimbursements:  In some cases, it is appropriate to request a grant after you have engaged in an academic activity.  This type of application is called a “reimbursement.”  However, please be aware that reimbursements for any particular activity are not guaranteed.  The Opportunities Fund Committee may deny reimbursement requests for activities that are not adequately justified or properly documented.  You will then be responsible for any such expenses. 
  3. You must request all reimbursements during the first access period following the activity for which you are requesting reimbursement.  Late applications for reimbursements will not be approved.

Application Procedure for Students

Consider your academic goals carefully before you apply to access the Opportunities Fund. Your Advisor will assist you in choosing your activities and writing a successful grant proposal.
Reminder: Your Opportunities Fund request is not automatically guaranteed.

  • Step 1: Speak with your Macaulay Advisor before you submit an application or commit to anyone program and/or activity.
  • Step 2: Read the eligibility criteria to confirm you are eligible to apply for funding.
  • Step 3: Each semester, funds are distributed based on a priority list. Review the levels of funding approval process and the priorities list.
  • Step 4: Review the overview for funding activities section to confirm your activity is eligible for funding. Review all information on the Opportunities Fund webpage prior to filling out an application.
  • Step 5: Download, print, and complete the Opportunities Fund application appropriate to your request.
  • Complete Opportunities Fund Checklist:

      1. Fill in the information on the top of the Application Student Checklist
      2. Read each item carefully
      3. Complete all relevant tasks as well as the check-offs. If unsure, ask your Macaulay Advisor.
      4. Sign and date at the bottom of the checklist

    Your Macaulay Advisor may set earlier deadlines for you to submit draft applications in order to advise you more effectively.

  • Step 6: Assemble the Opportunities Fund Application in the following order: checklist, application, statement of justification, relevant documentation, and Opportunities Fund quiz confirmation. 
  • Step 7: Submit your assembled application package to your Macaulay Advisor during an official access period. 

Please review these important
Opportunities Fund Travel Policies and Requirements


Approval Process

  1. If your Macaulay Advisor approves your application, he/she will forward it to the Opportunities Fund Committee for review. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed.
  2. The Opportunities Fund Committee meets twice a year at the end of each access period and makes final decisions.  Approval of applications is not automatic, and applying for funding does not guarantee approval. There are no appeals of the Committee’s decision.
  3. Applications are evaluated based on appropriateness of activity, strength of statement, supporting documentation and completed application.
  4. Once the Committee has met and reviewed all applications, the Associate Director of Scholarships and Grants will notify you whether your application has been approved.
  5. Opportunities Funds may only be used for approved items or activities.  If you anticipate a change in the purpose of approved funds, you must contact your Macaulay Advisor and the Associate Director of Scholarships and Grants immediately.
  6. Any funds used for items or activities not approved by the Committee must be returned. You will be responsible for costs incurred.
  7. Students receiving an advance must submit documentation to the Associate Director of Scholarships and Grants indicating that they have paid for all items and programs approved by the Committee, according to the Documentation Deadline.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a fast, convenient and secure way of receiving your financial aid, scholarships and Opportunities Fund award. Without direct deposit a check lost in the mail will take over a month to reissue. Here's how to sign up:

  • STEP #1: Login to CUNYfirst at
  • STEP #2: Select HR/Campus Solutions
  • STEP #3: Navigate to Self Service followed by Campus Finances
  • STEP #4: Click Manage My Accounts
  • STEP# 5: On the My Accounts page, click the Add Account button. You will then be prompted to enter your Financial Institution Details. Click “Enroll in Direct Deposit” then click “Next” and “Submit.”

You can visit CUNY’s Direct Deposit FAQ for screen by screen pictorial navigation.

CISI Insurance

Students who purchase health insurance through CISI can access a wide variety of services by going to the CISI website. Your policy information, coverage plan information, and consulate letter are viewable and printable through this site. You can also access:

  • Personal Security Assistance Information
  • CISI Emergency Contact Information
  • Overseas Doctors Search
  • Travel Warning Information
  • Travel Alert Information
  • Country Profile Information
  • Health & Vaccination Recommendations
You are strongly encouraged to explore the website and gather as much information as possible prior to traveling.

Documentation Deadline

Students must submit documentation indicating that they have paid for all items and programs approved by the Opportunities Fund.

The documentation deadline for study abroad programs differs, as it is based on the semester of participation in the program. The deadline for study abroad programs is as follows:   

Fall SemesterFirst day of spring semester
Winter IntersessionFirst day of spring semester
Spring SemesterFirst day of fall semester
Summer SessionFirst day of fall semester


Documentation for internships/research should be submitted at the completion of the internship/research.

Students must submit documentation indicating that they have paid for all items and programs approved by the Opportunities Fund. Deadline: Documentation must be submitted no later than the last day of classes in the semester in which approval was received. For example, documentation of a professional development request approved during the fall access period must be submitted no later than the last day of classes in the fall semester.

Students who do not provide documentation by the deadline will receive a bill and be required to return all approved funding. 

Carolina Ruiz
Macaulay Honors College
35 West 67th Street
New York, NY 10023

Receipts can also be submitted by email at or faxed to (212) 580-8130 (Attn: Carolina Ruiz).

Budget Sheet Tips

This section is intended to assist you in completing the budget page of the application.

  • Program Fees: Write “included in program fee” if applicable or “self-pay” if you elect to cover an expense on your own or “n/a” for any item that doesn’t apply to you.
    *Tuition: If your program includes tuition in the program fee, subtract the CUNY in-state tuition cost. NOTE: For non-CUNY programs, subtract the CUNY in-state tuition rate from your program’s tuition cost. If tuition costs remain (tuition differential) you can include it in your program fees.
  • Housing:If included in the program fee, write “included in program fee.” If not included in the program fee, write the amount here.
  • Airfare: Don’t rely on the quote/estimation from your program flyer. Get one roundtrip quote from online (e.g.Expedia). If you get multiple fares, write the average amount.
  • Meals: Write the “# of meals X # of days” beneath the line. If your program advertises that it provides meals, adjust the per diem accordingly.

    The meal per diem is as follows:
    • Europe: $15 per meal/max of $45 per day
    • US and other Countries: $10 per meal/max of $30 per day
    • Receipts for meals are NOT collected.
  • Insurance: This refers to international CUNY CISI health/travel insurance, which provides additional coverage beyond a normal health insurance policy. Write “included in program fee” if it’s included.
  • Ground Transportation: This applies to transportation to/from the airport both in the departure city and the return city. Search online for local roundtrip taxi, train, or bus fares.
  • Documentation: Every fee on your budget sheet should be accounted for in your supporting documents. Highlight costs and fees on your supporting documents. If your parent/guardian paid on your behalf, highlight the name and indicate how this person is related to you.
  • Privacy: If you use a credit card statement for payment confirmation: to protect the card number blacken it and photocopy it.
Opportunities Fund Overview
Sample Statements