Graduate and Professional Advising

"Advising is a very personalized process. I want students to understand their unlimited potential, to see the many brilliant trajectories that are open to them. My goal is to do whatever I can to assist our students in the vital task of becoming who they are."
--Michael Lamb, Associate Director of Immersive and Personalized Education, Macaulay Honors College

A supportive and integrated advising system, which enables each student to take full advantage of the vast resources of CUNY and New York City, is one of the unique features that attract students to Macaulay Honors College.

Whether students are interested in graduate or professional school, exposure to a specific field of work or community service, or starting something that has never existed before, Macaulay advisors on the campuses of the eight senior colleges--and also at Macaulay--want to connect them with the resources to succeed in college and in life.